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Dear Friends,

Community. This word carries true meaning for us; it is literally our middle name.  It stands for the connections we make with other families at school or Shabbat and holiday services, the friendships that blossom among our children, and the way we care for one another as life unfolds for each of us.  No matter how we come together, we all value having a strong resource for Jewish life downtown, and we deeply appreciate your involvement and support for this special organization. To grow, nurture, and strengthen what we have built together, each of us bears responsibility to do our part to invest in the collective enterprise that is JCP.

Connections.  Your annual donations, which comprise 25% of JCP’s annual budget, allow us to pursue excellence in all of our programs and celebrations.  Many who initially joined JCP through our Early Childhood Center now have children involved in our youth groups andHebrew School Project, and preparing for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  More families are enjoying our expanded Shabbat services and holiday celebrations, and many are finding “grown-up” time at our new events and through opportunities to volunteer together.  A growing number of families are finding meaningful connection and support around life cycle events for their children and their parents as well.

Contribute.  We depend on it. Simply put, your participation in our Annual Campaign is critical to the way we maintain and strengthen our community. With a tax-deductible gift of cash or stock, we invite you to do your part to ensure that JCP remains strong to meet the growing needs of your family and the community.  Please take this opportunity to join the families who make a commitment to support JCP each year.  Help us achieve 100% participation in JCP’s Annual Campaign, from every JCP family.

Kehillah. A Hebrew word for Jewish Community, we invite you to join JCP Kehillah to connect more deeply and invest in the collective community that is JCP, while also enjoying convenient access to many JCP events and celebrations.  For more information about joiningJCP Kehillah with a tax-deductible gift, and the many benefits which come with supporting JCP at this level, please click here.

Continue.  At JCP, we offer a variety of different ways for children and adults to explore, learn, and celebrate together.  We rejoice in the diversity and richness of our wonderful community, and the bonds we build with one another.  We thank you for doing your part toward ensuring the vitality and continued growth of our shared community.


Susan Silverstein, President, Board of Directors
Evan Roth, V.P. Development


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**To make a payment for JCP officiation at your Life Cycle event, please click here.**