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Spring 2016

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These classes give children ages 3-5 a chance to explore music, science, the arts and more after preschool dismissal. Both children enrolled in JCP preschool, as well as those from other schools, participate in these program. JCP ECC students whose class dismissal coincides with the start of their after school program will be escorted to class by a member of JCP staff.




Our unique Tennis program introduces children 3-5 years old to tennis. This program features small, age appropriate breakout groups to focus on skill building. Children will learn tennis, hand-eye coordination, balance, and athletic skills through play. They will socialize, exercise and build confidence in a fun, nurturing, highly motivated environment.

For: Children ages 3-4 years

Time: 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM

For: Children ages 4-5 years

Time: 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM

Spring Dates: Thursdays, 1/28 – 5/26

Does Not Meet: 4/21, 4/28

Cost: $720

Bim Bom After School! A Special Version of a Favorite Class – Just for Preschoolers!

Similar to our ever-popular ‘My Grown Up and Me’ class, this section of Bim Bom is a drop off class for 3-5 year olds. Children currently enrolled in a the Green, Leaf and Tree rooms will be escorted to class by a member of JCP staff. Each week, Bim Bom welcomes the Shabbat spirit with an interactive musical celebration. Children discover musical traditions and Jewish roots from around the globe, in an energetic and joyous environment. Class includes a challah for each child to take home to his or her family.

For: Children ages 3-5 years

Time: 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

Spring Dates: Fridays, 1/29 – 5/27

Does Not Meet: 4/22, 4/29

Cost: $765

Let’s Explore Science!

Using games, stories, and hands-on classroom science demonstrations, children will learn the basics of scientific exploration. Each week, children take on the role of a scientist  and explore different properties of chemistry, physics and biology. Past experiments have included constructing a mini volcano; exploring basic mechanics using ramps, wedges, tubes and blocks; and dissecting a flower with tweezers and observing their findings under a magnifying glass. Children will be encouraged to ask questions and explore the world around them.

For: Children ages 3-5 years

Time: 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM

Spring Dates: Tuesdays, 2/2 – 5/24

Does Not Meet: 2/16, 4/26

Cost: $600

Play, Create, Integrate!

Children will develop critical social skills including effective turn-taking, flexibility, reading social cues and conflict resolution. This small group provides support for creative play and teaches children to navigate social situations in a structured, fun and warm environment. Every week children devise their own unique concepts and designs and the play is a wonderful balance between fantasy and concrete problem solving.

For: Children ages 3-4 years

Time: 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM

Spring Dates: Tuesdays, 1/5 – 5/24

Does Not Meet: 1/19, 2/16, 4/26

Cost: $720

For: Children ages 4-5 years

Time: 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM

Spring Dates: Mondays, 2/1 – 5/23

Does Not Meet: 2/15, 4/25

Cost: $600


For any questions regarding registration contact Matti Bowen at or call 212-334-3522.

Please also see our My Grown-up and Me classes for younger siblings, and our Parenting Center Workshops programs for adults- perfect for families in My Grown-Up and Me programs.

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