JCPlay allows children ages 11-20 months to interact with peers in a group setting, building their social interaction skills in a safe space. Children attend JCPlay with a parent or caregiver twice a week, introducing them to the routine of school through the exploration of materials, dramatic play, art, music and movement.

Children will be engaged in activities that help develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and large muscle movements. With two sessions each week, children will have extra time for music and art projects within each class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:15 – 10:30 AM or 10:45 – 12:00 PM

Fall Semester: Sept. 19 – Dec. 19
Does Not Meet: 9/21, 10/5, 10/12, 11/23
Cost: $1495
Full Year: Sept. 19 – May 31
Does Not Meet:
9/21, 10/5, 10/12, 11/23, 2/20, 2/22, 3/29, 4/3, 4/5
Cost: $3965

Sorry! All of our JCPlay classes are full at this time. Please contact Matti Bowen, our Admissions Coordinator, at 212-334-3522 or to be placed on our waitlist and learn about other JCP opportunities for your child.