JCP Parenting Center Workshops

JCP Parenting Center Workshops

These workshops are free-of-charge for current parents in the JCP Preschool/Bridge Program, and open to the general public for a small fee. All workshops are led by Isabel Schein, LCSW, JCP Early Childhood Center’s Early Childhood Development Specialist and Parent Educator.


Limit Setting 
Tuesday, March 21st 
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM in the JCP Lobby
Bribery, time outs, and threats. Are you stuck in a cycle of interventions that just aren’t working? Learn a variety of effective limit setting techniques to give children clear and consistent messages to make good choices. Parents will share real-life scenarios and leave with new strategies for more positive outcomes for the whole family.

Free for current JCP Bridge and Preschool Families
$25 for general public



Previous workshops:

Big Brother/Big Sister Blues 
Congratulations! You’re the parent of a bouncing new baby… and a cranky, confused, and jealous toddler. Join Isabel Schein, our child development specialist and parent educator, for a discussion on how to smooth your child’s transition from only child to big brother or sister.

Including Caregivers 
In this workshop specifically designed for caregivers, we will share developmental expectations so that caregivers can help facilitate growth and independence in a warm and supportive manner. We will also discuss some of the temperament challenges caregivers face during their days, as well as positive ways for caregivers to partner with parents in setting appropriate limits.

Potty Training 
Parents and caregivers are invited to join a conversation about all stages of toilet training; from getting started, to purchasing a potty and night time readiness. Come bring your questions and learn practical tools for navigating this important developmental milestone.

For any questions regarding registration contact Matti Bowen at or call 212-334-3533.