Your Downtown Home for the High Holidays

High Holidays FAQs

What is JCP?
The Jewish Community Project Downtown (JCP) seeks to combine congregation, schools, and community center into an hybrid organization that is a new model of Jewish learning, living, and belonging.

What is Kehillah? Do I have to be a member to attend?
Kehillah is JCP’s emerging membership model that allows community families to belong in a more structured way and give them benefits such as High Holiday tickets free of charge. People who are not Kehillah members may still purchase High Holiday tickets separately. Learn more about the benefits of joining Kehillah here.

Wait a minute, I thought you were a Preschool. Is JCP synagogue?
As our Preschool enters its thirteenth year, JCP continues to grow and evolve just as our community has grown and evolved. As the desire to connect in different ways has increased, our Preschool and long-time beloved holiday celebrations have been joined by an afternoon Hebrew School and a developing congregation that celebrates Shabbat and holidays together.

Are you Reform? Conservative? Something else?
The Jewish perspectives we teach and style of our religious services reflect a diversity of Jewish background, practice, and ideology. When we say we are pluralistic or post-denominational, we are reflecting a belief that belonging comes first, that community itself is the focus of our ideology. Our leadership strives to make sure there are multiple entry points, religious and otherwise, into our community for Jews and non-Jews, and that communal worship services include something for everyone, in the hopes that we can all learn and grow together, and from one another.

Okay, I get that. But I’m not going to be overwhelmed by the amount of Hebrew at services, or find many traditions lacking?
We can’t tell you what you’ll feel, but we can tell you that we make Hebrew singing accessible with transliterations, and we seek a balance of style of prayer, song, reading, and study throughout our services, whether on Shabbat or on the High Holidays.

What’s happening for the kids in my life?
For the youngest children and their families, there is a Tot Rosh Hashanah and Tot Yom Kippur service at 9 AM. Then, the first of each regular service will be especially friendly to our grade and middle school youth. They are welcome to stay throughout or join our experiential youth educators for special programs for them to reflect on the messages of the season.

Wow, High Holiday tickets are expensive!
We do not want finances to be an obstacle for anyone. Please contact Alex Kogan at or Rabbi Jason at to make arrangements.