The Great American Eclipse

Sometimes we have to go far afield to find new and novel experiences. This summer, a rare one comes to us. This month, a solar eclipse will “travel” across the United  States from Oregon to South Carolina. On August 21, the total eclipse will be visible along a 70 mile wide path, and for those of us not in prime viewing area, a pair of eclipse glasses and a clear day in New York will allow you to see most of the sun disappear temporarily.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 is exciting and rare, and it ushers in the final weeks of summer. As summer fades, we start to anticipate new beginnings with a new school year and Rosh Hashanah following at the next new moon. We are preparing to welcome you back to new beginnings and are hoping to hear about your new and novel experiences this summer as we anticipate sharing unique experiences with you this new year. Our education leadership shares some thoughts for you and your families as eclipse day approaches:

The Wonder of it All

Alicia Stoller
Director, Early Childhood Center

The Experience

Erin Beser
Director, Hebrew School Project

The Gift of Reflection

Rabbi Jason Klein
Director, Center for Jewish Life