Teaching the Teachers

Hebrew School Project (HSP) teachers are a special group of people. Some of them teach during the day in our Early Childhood Center. Some of them go to college at Hunter or Barnard. Some of them are painters and musicians and writers. All of them are passionate about Jewish education, eager to meet their students and excited to start their important work of building our very own Jewish community at JCP.

Together at orientation we focused on several learning goals – the importance of building a classroom community, the importance of seeing each child and helping them feel included and connected and the importance of using open and inclusive language when we talk about Judaism. Rabbi Jason led a workshop that focused on talking about God in a thoughtful and nuanced way. By the end of the evening, the teachers had prepared their classrooms and their opening day lessons and left with a feeling that the new school year, 5778 (in the Jewish calendar) is really upon us.

Now all that’s left is the students!

We will be experimenting with the way we communicate with families this year and we are excited to prepare and present weekly video updates. This video was filmed and edited entirely by our 5th grade teacher, Ben Pakman. He put it together in an impressive turn around. We appreciate your feedback as we experiment with this exciting modality of communication.

See photos from HSP Orientation on JCP’s Facebook Page.

Erin Beser is director of JCP’s Hebrew School Project.