Getting Ready For Sukkot @ HSP!

Sukkot begins on Wednesday night, but we couldn’t wait to get shakin’ on Monday and Tuesday during HSP.

HSP learners participated in a variety of activities, many themed around the story and customs of Sukkot.

Kindergarten continued their exploration of the Days of Creation. Click here to read some of our favorite quotes from the Kindergarten discussion of creation.

First Grade created their own Sukkot out of some pretty surprising materials!

Second Grade discussed the prayer, Ufros Aleinu Sukkat Shlomecha, which highlights the structure of the Sukkah as one of a “dwelling for peace.” The second graders pondered what does it mean to dwell in the temporary shelter of the Sukkah? Where do we feel safest? How do we make spaces of peace and freedom?

Third Grade played a fun game to help them learn the names of each part of the Lulav: Hadas, Aravah, Etrog & Lulav, and also learned about an important part of Sukkot – welcoming guests, known as Ushpizin, both real and imaginary, to your Sukkah.

Fourth Grade explored the historic narratives of Sukkot both as a harvest festival in the ancient Land of Israel and a time when the Israelites wandered in the desert and were sheltered by temporary dwellings along the way.

Fifth Grade took on the responsibility of learning how to shake the Lulav and say the blessings in Hebrew. They then toured the school and taught every single child in HSP how to shake the Lulav. They exhibited grace and maturity and exuded a genuine excitement in getting to teach and lead this sacred ritual to the older and younger learners.

Sixth Grade learned the traditional blessing for sitting in a Sukkah and enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the four species and how to properly construct a Sukkah with the Fifth grade.

Chag Sukkot Sameach! Have a happy and joyous Sukkot!