12 Ways We Celebrated Passover in the Apple Room

Passover in the Apple Room has been a reflection of fun, and ‘hard working’ activities:

12. Mixing flour and water to roll out Matzah – we enjoyed piercing the flat dough, and singing the Matzah song, then tasting the crunchy snack!

11. Building cities, brick by brick – we pretend to hammer and dig as we sing the Passover songs. We even created a brick page in our Haggadah to represent hard work.

10. Tapping straw brushes – our Haggadah covers reflect thrashed straw markings as we decorated with this unusual painting tool.

9. Hopping like frogs – it’s even more fun when we say ‘Ribbet! Ribbet!’

8. Buzzing like flies – another plague? How many?

7. Feasting on festive foods – in class we will share in grape juice and Matzah pizza for our Apple Room Seder meal.

6. Singing traditional songs – including Dayenu and the Ma Nishtana.

5. Asking questions – in addition to the traditional four, we asked: What are herbs? What is Matzah? What is freedom?

4. Tasting new foods – horseradish is spicy, charoset is sweet.

3. Rolling marbles – they went flying as we watched them run through paint to decorate the Matzah cover.

2. Counting plagues – I think there’s ten… let’s count them again!!

1. And retelling the holiday story through art and music!

Happy Passover!