Why Is This Holiday Different from All Other Holidays? The Rainbow Room Explores Passover

The smell of our homemade matzah has filled the air in the Rainbow Room! Rainbow Roomers have busied themselves with learning about the Pesach holiday and have particularly loved becoming immersed in the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The children have acted out the events during Story Acting and Music, hosted pretend seder meals, and taken on the roles of Moses and Pharaoh in our dramatic play area.

We have been exploring the many symbols of the holiday and incorporating our learning into our Haggadot, the special book we use to help guide us through our seder meal. We’ve learned and observed the many differences between a Passover seder and a regular meal. Here are some of the children’s observations:

“We do not eat bread, we eat matzah.”

“Bread is fluffy and matzah is hard and crunchy.”

“Why do we drink four cups of grape juice?”

“What if you have more than four people at your seder?”

The portion of the seder where we wash our hands in a special way was a particular highlight. Pretending to be royalty as we do on seder night, we passed around a “fancy” bowl and hand-washing cup that each child used to ritually wash their hands. Some children remarked, “The sink feels hard and this doesn’t,” and, “it feels relaxing,” “creamy,” and “like lotion.”

A central theme of Passover is asking questions and, as natural investigators and explorers, children play a particularly important role in this holiday. We hope that the rich learning that has begun in the classroom and the Haggadot made by our children make for rich discussions at home and a meaningful celebration of the Passover holiday with their families.

Wishing you a joyful Passover, chag kasher v’sameach!

PS. Our Passover studies and learning about the Pyramids of Egypt has sparked an interest in architecture and buildings. Here’s a taste of what’s to come after our Passover break!