Fortnite & Floating Baskets – Integrated Jewish Learning for 21st Century Jews

Jewish learning at HSP comes alive for each learner with authentic and exciting connections to things they love to do in the real world – like play the video game Fortnite or build and create STEAM projects. These experiences help them absorb Jewish content in organic and fun ways.

This week we want to highlight two experiences that exemplify the learning that takes place in every classroom every week:

Fortnite Battle for Jerusalem

Our 5th graders are exploring Jewish history from the very beginning. Two weeks ago they learned about the centrality of the Temple in Jerusalem and its role in ancient Jewish life through a See-Run-Build activity where they recreated the Second Temple. Then last week, they engaged in a Fortnite-inspired simulation to re-enact the Battle over Jerusalem between the Romans, Jewish Roman-sympathizers and Jewish Zealots that resulted in the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. Each learner took on a character from the actual battle and made decisions for the actions their character would take during the battle.

Floating Baskets

Our 2nd graders are exploring the story and leadership of Moses – from his birth as an Israelite slave to his rise as a prince in the house of Pharaoh and his leadership of the people of Israel through the Exodus from Egypt and receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. This week, our 2nd graders learned how Moses was saved from Pharoah’s decree to kill all Israelite baby boys by the quick thinking of his mother, Yocheved and sister, Miriam, who placed their baby in a basket and floated him down the Nile river. Learners had to design their own tin foil baskets and save as many babies as they could in a floating water simulation.

Each week, we will highlight a different grade’s learning experience as well as send monthly curriculum updates from each class. Stay tuned!

Erin Beser is JCP’s Director of Community Learning and Engagement.