Inside the Hebrew School Project: Spotlight on Fourth Grade

The big idea for the year in Fourth Grade is Jewish Heroes, beginning with a study of heroes in the Book of Judges, from the Hebrew Bible, known as the TaNakh. The period of the Judges occurs in Jewish history after the conquest of the land of Israel and before the time of Kings.

Each week, our fourth graders are learning about one Jewish hero and asking essential questions about their leadership qualities: what makes this person a hero? What qualities does this person possess? What challenges did this person face in their lives? What was their relationship to the Jewish community? Is a hero always perfect or do they make mistakes?

As a culminating project for the Book of Judges, each group of fourth graders reviewed the qualities of one hero and created a campaign to elect them leader of all Israel. As you can see from the video, they had a lot to say about each hero.

Next, our fourth graders will tackle the famous line of Kings that ruled over Jerusalem: King Saul, King David, and King Solomon.