Welcome Home to the JCP Early Childhood Center!

The JCP Early Childhood Center is a school at the heart of an innovative downtown community. Our programs emphasize joyful Jewish experiences and values, and a connection to community, in a safe and fun learning environment.

In the JCP Early Childhood Center, we value and respect children’s natural ways of discovering and making sense of the world, scaffolding their growth and extending their curiosity through active exploration. We appreciate the unique qualities that each child brings to the classroom and seek to foster both individual confidence and a lifelong appreciation for community.

Children benefit from flexibility within structure; we want children to have the freedom to experiment and investigate, while at the same time feeling the security of appropriate boundaries. We work hand in hand with parents to form partnerships of trust and establish consistency between home and school, understanding that supporting the family is essential to supporting the child.

The ECC provides children and families opportunities to explore Jewish culture and deepen their sense of identity, which is defined differently for each of us. The program emphasizes a child centered approach to learning about Jewish culture, fostering engagement with both the similarities and differences of belief and practice that each child brings to the classroom. Through meaningful, developmentally appropriate experiences, children build a sense of their own identity and a deep appreciation for community and diversity.

Early Childhood Programs at a Glance

  • Music Classes: 6 months to 3 years at time of enrollment
  • JCPlay: 11 to 20 months as of September 1
  • Bridge Program: 21 months to 2.2 years as of September 1
  • Preschool & Junior Kindergarten Programs: 2.0 to 5.5 years as of September 1
  • After School Enrichment: 2.5 to 5.5 years as of September 1

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For more information, please contact Marisa Goldsmith at mgoldsmith@jcpdowntown.org or 212-334-3522. Sign up for JCP emails to receive ECC news and updates.