Siddur-Label-Sample1“In prayer we open the gates of our larger self.”
—-Rabbi Jacob J. Weinstein

As our congregational community grows, we are rewarded with many opportunities to celebrate spiritually and musically with one another— at Friday Evening Services and Shabbat Morning Services, with the study of tefillah (prayer) in our Project Aleph and Project Bet classes, and at B’nai Mitzvah celebrations among our families.

It is a Jewish custom to publicly commemorate treasured moments, people, and memories. If you have a recent milestone, or special person you would like to honor or memorialize, consider dedicating one of our new Siddurim. You can dedicate one or many— there are 200 Siddurim available for dedications (and more to come as demand requires!)

Complete a Siddur Dedication Form

We invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity! Thank you for sharing the significant and meaningful people and moments in your life with us. Please email Alex Kogan if you have any questions about your tax-deductible Siddur Dedication.