The Kindness Committee of JCP is an initiative designed to support families in times of joy, illness, sorrow, and other needs. Four years ago, our Kindness Committee came together to reach out to people at life’s happiest times and hardest times. These past few years, the committee which is currently chaired by Vanessa Benjamin and Dori Friedman, has given strength and structure to JCP’s long-standing vision of being a caring community.

Please check this page for notices of life cycle events in our community.

As we continue to develop the Kindness committee we have two requests of you:

  1. We invite you to join our group of Kindness volunteers who would be happy to be called upon to help when a fellow community member is in need.
  2. We encourage you to let one of us know when you think someone might appreciate support–and when something wonderful happens, such as a new child or an engagement: email