Together with leading contemporary Jewish thinkers from the Shalom Hartman Institute, we will explore key moments when Zionism unleashed new thinking about the meaning of Jewishness for generations to come.

Each session will focus on a transformational moment in the history of Israel:

1917 — The Balfour Declaration: The Idea of a Homeland for the Jewish People
November 8, 2017 with Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer

This session will explore the Zionist idea of a homeland for the Jewish people, how 1917 marked a turning point in the idea of Jewish Peoplehood, and the implications of this shift continue to play out in contemporary Israel.

1947 — The United Nations Partition Plan: The Jews in the World
December 6, 2017 with Mijal Bitton

The Partition Plan offered the unprecedented seal of legal status and international recognition for the Zionist aspiration. The Arab responses to the Partition Plan raised critical questions for us as a people. During this session, we will explore how we can hear the narratives of another person or people alongside our own.

1967 — The Six Day War: Power, Land and God
January 17, 2018 with Dr. Elana Stein Hain

Israel’s victory in 1967 dramatically reshaped the meanings and experiences of Jewish and Israeli identity. In this session, we will consider how this reality has created a deep cultural conflict over Israel’s identity through the transformation of the way in which we think about Power, Land, and God.

2017 — Milestones and their Meanings: Shaping a Narrative of the Future
February 7, 2018 with Dini Lewittes

In this final session we will explore how we engage with Israel through the passing of time, through present challenges, and looking toward the future. In the shadow of the debates over the meaning of our shared past, what are our responsibilities, as individuals and as a community, in shaping a new narrative as we look toward Israel’s future?

8 PM to 10 PM
Nov 8, Dec 6, Jan 17, Feb 7

Host Committee: Rosie & Max Assoulin • Scott Berrie • Jeff Goldstein • Marina Hirsch • Jonathan Lewinsohn • Daniel Meltzer • Jeffrey Ross • Nathalie Rubens • Jodi Schwartz • Laurie & Greg Sheindlin • Aaron Stone