The Jewish Community Project of Lower Manhattan was established as an open, pluralistic center for Jewish life in Tribeca and surrounding neighborhoods.  Since its inception, JCP has created programs in Jewish early childhood education; a Hebrew school and b’nai mitzvah training; Shabbat, holidays and days of remembrance and commemoration; adult learning, informal education, service and volunteerism.  JCP has also been a home for families experiencing the full spectrum of the Jewish life cycle, offering support at the birth of a child, celebrations for marriage, support during illness and health, and rituals related to death and mourning.

Jewish centers have been integral to the sustaining of Jewish life for more than two thousand years since the earliest study houses and synagogues were established in the land of Israel and Judaism as a system of thought, belief and practice was foundational to Jewish existence.  And following the dispersion in 70 AD, gathering places for local Jewish communities in an ever expanding diaspora have been the key to Jewish continuity and survival. JCP is one such “center for Jewish life” in Lower Manhattan. At JCP, Jewish values and traditions infuse all that we do in the unique voice of our unique membership.  Our community, which bears the traits of both a synagogue and Jewish center, celebrates, teaches and models a Jewishness that is the shared, pluralistic expression of who we are.

At JCP, we are here for you. If you want to meet with our rabbis for any reason, please be in touch.

Rabbi Andy Bachman
Executive Director

Deena Gottlieb
Student Rabbi