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More than the sum of its extraordinary parts — from Early Childhood to Hebrew School to Youth and Project Bet; from Shabbat and holidays to acts of lovingkindness at critical junctures in our lives — we are a community of families and individuals dedicated to learning and giving, to celebrating and making meaning, and for creatively adapting our beloved and ancient traditions to the demands and exigencies of our current generation.

Membership at JCP includes these special benefits:

** The value of the Hebrew School Project (Grades K to 5) tuition reduction is not tax-deductible.
∆ Benefits include one cycle of High Holiday tickets and/or Hebrew School Project tuition reduction, per annual membership.

Your Kehillah contribution is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. All benefits will be applied annually, beginning July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. You may join Kehillah at any point in time. Please see our frequent questions for more information on what is included in this initiative.
Please email Alex Kogan or call 212-334-3522 for options on JCP Kehillah dues that may be more fitting with your financial and/or individual status

Frequently Questions

Yes, all are welcome. It is not tied to school enrollment or geography. Early Childhood Center (ECC) and Hebrew School Project (HSP) families who often attend many of the Center for Jewish Life events are rewarded by supporting JCP through Kehillah and enjoy the convenience of the membership.

JCP membership is an annual affiliation which includes a 12-month period, starting from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

One Kehillah enrollment is designed to include one household, including up to two adults and their children. Families are invited to add grandparents and other adult relatives, at a rate of $300 per person.

Benefits include:

• Complimentary tickets to High Holiday Services
• Complimentary or reduced fee admission to Shabbat and Holiday programs including the annual Purim Carnival & Shpiel
and Community Shabbat dinners
• Life Cycle ceremonies, such as a baby naming, officiated by JCP’s rabbinic team
• Early registration for JCP events
• Invitations to special JCP events, and other gatherings for JCP Kehillah families

In addition, member families are eligible for a Hebrew School tuition reduction of $400 per family (this discount is not tax deductible), and member families may also work with JCP’s rabbinic team to officiate at life cycle ceremonies for their immediate family, free of charge.

Member benefits include one cycle of High Holiday services admission and/or Hebrew School tuition reduction, per annual enrollment period.

Early Childhood Center and Hebrew School Project class tuition fees (other than Hebrew School/Kehillah tuition reduction of $400 per family) are not included as free of charge for members. ECC program fees such as My Grown Up & Me classes (e.g. JCPlay,); Afterschool Enrichment classes (e.g. Play, Create, Integrate, Science, etc.); and Youth Group series are not included as free of charge. In addition, offerings by outside organizations that may be held at JCP are not included as free of charge in Kehillah.

Everyone is welcome at JCP events. You are welcome to include additional family members as part of your Kehillah enrollment with an additional contribution of $300 per person, so that their admission is free of charge. For other guests, you will be asked to pay for their admission at each event.

Yes. In order to help us plan for the program, all participants will continue to be asked to RSVP. On every applicable registration portal, there will an option for member families to RSVP without payment.

Yes. All are welcome at JCP programs and activities. You may continue to pay for each event separately. Membership is not required to participate in any JCP program.

Your membership is considered separate from The Annual Fund for JCP. If you have questions about membership or your annual gift to JCP, please contact Alex Kogan at 212-334-3522.

Yes, to the extent provided by law. If you take advantage of Hebrew School Project (HSP) tuition reduction, the value of that tuition reduction is not tax deductible.

Because the membership contribution is a tax deductible gift to JCP, it is non-refundable.