About bannerDear Friends,

Welcome to The Jewish Community Project Downtown. Our mission is to create a modern community life that is rich in values, culture, and tradition for the families and individuals living in Lower Manhattan.

Our name reflects our identity. We are a Jewish Community; our home is Downtown New York City; and, we are a Project. By project, we mean that we are experimenting with a new paradigm for bringing people together to celebrate Jewish life where our dynamic staff, volunteer leaders, and Board of Directors work cooperatively to create classes, Jewish celebrations and events along the yearly calendar.

We are pluralistic, open, and independent and are not affiliated with any denomination or national organization. Our members are as diverse as this city: individuals, families, kids, adults, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, observant, secular, straight, LGBT, spiritually connected, single-faith, multi-faith, inter-faith, journeying, searching, and everything in between.

We are a project. We are exploring tradition through a modern lens and experimenting with new approaches to creating a meaningful Jewish experience for the the most inclusive audience. And we hope that you add your voice to the project and get involved.

As for our history, JCP was founded in 2002 by several families that wanted to create a new model for celebrating Jewish life in the 21st Century. JCP was incorporated in 2003, and created the first Jewish pre-school below Canal Street in our generation, which opened 2005.  Our volunteer members have worked hard to establish JCP as a new model for creating Jewish community and through partnership with our Downtown Community Partners.

JCP is not a dues-paying organization. We are supported by a number of foundations that believe in our mission and by the generous donations, tzedaka contributions, and support of every member of our community who make gifts to JCP at levels that are meaningful to them.

You have an open invitation to learn more about JCP by giving us a call, setting up a meeting with a staff member, coming to an event or class, or dropping by the Cafe.   Click here to read our 2013/14 Annual Report.

Again, welcome to the Jewish Community Project.

Best Wishes,

JCP Board of Directors
JCP Staff
JCP Community Members