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Needs from our friends in Israel

Language from Dr. Bat-Sheva Tzadok

Our civilian initiative’s mission is to provide equipment to doctors, paramedics, and medics in the field. Standard equipment that is severely lacking for treating the critically injured. Our method of delivering directly to the health professionals ensures that the right equipment is reached as well as expedites its delivery. With winter here and a front in the North in development, our current goals based on our database are as such:

Blizzard Blankets – blankets that are specialized to heat the critically injured, cold is an independent predictor of death, we need 766 of these blankets that cost 87 dollars a blanket. A cost of around 70,000 dollars.

Videolaryngoscopes – a tool which allows direct visualization of the vocal chords with a camera allowing for the safe placement of a tube in the windpipe, even in extreme conditions of darkness and field medicine 2,500 dollars, we need around 240 units, 600,000 dollars.

Capnographs – monitors that detect the efficacy of ventilation and blood flow- preventing the calamity of a prolonged lack of oxygen, 1,350 dollars- we need around  325 units- 438,750 dollars.

The needs are vast, we chose to focus on this equipment because for advanced equipment it is relatively inexpensive so we can reach more medical units, and from our investigations we do not see these needs being met by other by other civilian initiatives

Please contact Dr. Bat-Sheva Tzadok ( if you are able to support in any way or if you’d like more information.

Ways to Help Israel

As Israel mourns, its resolve and determination grow, with the army and civil society rising up to this unprecedented challenge. Many of our community members have asked how we can help during this devastating time. Below is a list of organizations that are in need of support: 

Kehilat Kodesh Vechol — Our partner community in Holon, Israel, led by Rabbi Galit, is using money donated to send supplies needed by soldiers. Donate here.

Brothers and Sisters for Israel — 100% of funds sent to Brothers and Sisters for Israel go directly towards acquiring essential resources and supplies for both soldiers and civilians. Donate here.

Iron Swords — Iron Swords reaches front-line medical teams with necessary equipment in Israel. Donate here.

United Hatzalah — United Hatzalah is a network of volunteer medics providing immediate emergency response. Donate here.

UJA-Federation of New York — UJA’s Israel Emergency Fund directly impacts on the ground efforts to help the people of Israel relocate to safer areas and receive trauma counseling, while also funding new medical supplies and aiding children in shelters. Donate here.

Soroka University Medical Center — Soroka University Medical Center is the only Israeli hospital in the Negev, serving the south—one of Saturday’s hardest hit regions. It is a Level 1 trauma center, providing critical support on the ground. Donate here.

Magen David Adom — Magen David Adam belongs to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, provides emergency first aid to all who need it as an auxiliary of Israeli Defense Forces. Donate here.

Resources for Parents

Additionally, we would like to share some resources for parents who are looking for guidance on facilitating discussions with their children:

The Jewish Educator Portal: Teaching About Israel in a Time of Crisis

The Jewish Education Project: How to Talk to Children About Israel Today

PJ Library: Videos to Help Parents and Kids Talk About Scary Situations

Child Mind Institute: Trauma Resources

JCP is here to support our community during this devastating time. Please feel free to reach out to our rabbis.